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CONTACT with marathon enthusiasts and SHARE accommodation and experiences

Become a host and share your home for other participants to enjoy. Share your knowledge of the city and your hospitality and make your stay and participation unique.
Become a guest and travel the world with the races that are most interesting to you, stay in houses of other hosts that can offer you an immersive experience.

What is Marathon & Share?

Marathon & Share is a web hosting and experience exchange for marathon enthusiasts.
It allows users around the world to find accommodation in the cities where races are held, saving the added cost of the accommodation.

Don’t pay for accommodation during your journey.
→ Encourages sports practice linked to the values ​​of hospitality, cooperation and respect.
Share your needs before, during and after the race.
Gain the freedom to run together or alone.
Become an ambassador in your city and offer the corridor by visiting a unique experience.

How does Marathon & Share work?

1. Create your account

Sign up as a host and complete the form with photos of your accommodation, details of your hobbies and personality, etc.

2. Search races

Decide what marathon you are interested in and look for accommodation. Get a Match!

3. Contact

Get in touch and chat, meet each other online and, if you are interested, close the deal

Can you help us with feedback and complete this short survey?

We need to know what your sports habits are, how and when you travel and if you would do more if the cost of the accommodation was more accessible.
Can you help us find answers?
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