CONTACT with Marathon fans and
SHARE accommodation and experiences

What does Marathon & Share want to be?

Join the community that allows users around the world to find accommodation in the cities where the races are held, and save on the cost of hosting.

Benefits of sharing

> You do not need to pay acommodation during your travels
You promote sports that are linked to the values of hospitality, cooperation and respect.
> You share the needs
pre, during and post race.
> Freedom to run
together or alone.
> Become an ambassador
for your city and offer the runner a unique experience.

How will it work?


Become a host and host another fan in your home. Share your knowledge of the city and make your stay and participation unique.
Become a guest and travel the world, stay in other hostels’ homes that can give you an immersive experience.

Create your account

Register as a host and complete the listing with photos of your accommodation, details of your hobbies and personality, etc.

Looking for races

Decide which marathon you are interested in and look for accommodation. Get a Match!


Get in touch and chat, get to know one another and, if you’re interested, close the deal

Tell us where you want to run your next marathon and we find a house to stay for free!

Ultimate goal: Sports & Share

We want to be the largest and most generous sports network in the world!
We need you all!

We start with marathons because it is a sporting event that mobilizes thousands of participants, but the goal is to cover all sports: skiers, surfers, trekkiners, cyclists … everyone will have the opportunity to share their passion, accommodation and experience!

The key to success: Time & People!

A good idea takes time: to figure it out, to develop it and to put it into action.

Our idea also needs people! People willing to receive home and travel, test and adjust the model. Initially it will be very handmade, we will be a family that will grow slowly and, together, we will add the value of the experience.

But maybe, one day, that idea will flourish and you can tell I’m there helping to get started! THANKS!

If you want to be informed of all the advances, leave us your email. You can also send us a suggestion!